Blood Pressure Monitors And Their Uses And Benefits

High blood pressure (also known as “Hypertension”) is very common nowadays and very dangerous, especially for the elderly. If it is not treated properly, hypertension can seriously damage your arteries and your heart, and it can also have a negative impact on your kidneys and your brain. Fortunately, there are many ways in which you can lower your blood pressure without having to worry about the possible side effects of medications and supplements.

Here you will find 5 simple and effective tips that will help you do so:

1. Reduce Your Daily Salt Intake
Increased salt consumption is one of the main causes of hypertension, this is why it is important to consume as little salt as possible.
In addition, replace the traditional bread (which usually contains high amounts of salt) with low-salt bread: it is healthier and sometimes it tastes even better. After all, it is better to prevent hypertension than to treat it!

2. Dark Chocolate And Its Benefits
Dark chocolate is renowned not only for its great taste, but for its numerous health benefits as well. As a matter of fact, dark chocolate can even fight hypertension naturally, given its high content of flavoinoids that increase the elasticity of blood vessels, thus reducing blood pressure. Nonetheless, you must limit your intake of dark chocolate (do not exceed 10-15 grams/day).

3. Lose Weight
Another common cause of hypertension is obesity. Obesity is known for causing a wide range of potentially fatal diseases, from cancer to heart disease and diabetes. If you lose some weight, you will not only reduce your blood pressure but you will also lower your risks for the above-mentioned diseases. A balanced, low-calorie and low-fat diet coupled with regular physical exercises will help you get rid of excess pounds and maintain a stable, healthy weight in the long term.

4. Opt For Decaffeinated Coffee
Coffee can be of great help for those with low blood pressure, but it can be a real danger for people who suffer from hypertension. For this reason, it is highly recommended to switch to decaffeinated coffee to protect your heart and your blood vessels. Caffeine is known for tightening blood vessels, and this raises blood pressure throughout the day.

5. Work Out On A Regular Basis
As doctors suggest, we should be moderately active for half an hour each day – this will lower blood pressure, it will help you shed excess weight and it will also protect your heart in the future. However, you do not have to exhaust yourself at the gym – you can also walk a bit faster than you normally would, for approximately 30 minutes.

If you are a regular patient of hypertension and your blood pressure often shoots up, then You need to buy a good blood pressure monitor. Regularly monitoring your blood pressure is very important, It gives you an idea about your health. Moreover, practicing sports will also help you relieve the stress and tension. To sum up, these 5 useful tips can help you lower blood pressure in a natural way, without using any medication that may have side effects. If you adopt a healthy diet and you change your lifestyle, you will prevent hypertension and its possible implications in the long run.

Choosing Blood Pressure monitor in UK

Top Blood Pressure Monitor 2017
If you have been diagnosed with borderline or high blood pressure, home testing with a reliable blood pressure monitor is an important and convenient way to keep track of your health. Although – like most modern home BP monitors – the BP786 can hook up to a computer or mobile device, a common complaint in user reviews is that the device appeared to have been “rushed to market,” with the apps that allow the monitor to interact with devices not released to customers until some time after the physical product had launched. Because your blood pressure monitor works automatically, it will need to be re-calibrated at least once every two years to be sure it is giving you accurate results. The right blood pressure monitor can give you a better understanding of your condition. And taking multiple readings at home can actually be more accurate than the results you get at a doctor’s office.

  • Particular problems have been reported with the Android app, although the Omron is fairly unique in offering any Android support at all, with most mobile-friendly monitors integrating only with Apple’s iOS platforms (for iPhone, iPad and iPod).The two most popular types of home blood pressure monitors on the market today are (electric and/or battery powered) automatic arm monitors, and automatic wrist monitors.
  • To have your automatic home monitor re-calibrated, you will need to send it back to the manufacturer.
  • It can be motivational, as it gives you feedback while you’re making changes to your lifestyle – all those kale smoothies and CrossFit classes will be worth it as you watch your blood pressure come down!
  • You don’t need a prescription to buy an at-home blood pressure monitor.
  • With an automatic arm monitor, you simply wrap the cuff around your bicep and with the push of one button the cuff inflates and deflates automatically giving you your blood pressure reading on the display window in a matter of seconds.
  • There will probably be a fee for this service.

And they provide your GP with additional measurements to monitor your condition or adjust your medication. But before spending the money, you should talk with your physician about whether you need one. Wrist monitors work similarly, except they attach to the wrist. Blood Pressure monitors are available direct from the respective manufacturers, large branches of Boots and Lloyds Pharmacy and from online retailers such as Amazon and John Lewis.
The data you glean from your blood pressure monitor is vital, and precision is key. The Vive blood pressure monitor will measure your systolic blood pressure, your diastolic blood pressure, and your pulse rate. Wrist monitors are also smaller in size and a bit more comfortable to use than the arm monitors, but they tend to be a little less accurate. To ensure the accuracy of this review, we partnered with Dr.

Types of blood pressure monitors
Blood Pressure monitor guideSince you’ll be tracking these metrics on your own, it’s important that your device has a large, easy-to-read display. Self-monitoring can help your doctor diagnose high blood pressure earlier than if you have only occasional blood pressure readings in a medical office. As the cuff tightens around the upper arm, it restricts blood flow, allowing the meter to read the blood pressure of the individual. Tamer Fakhouri, a primary care physician for the One Medical Group in San Francisco. The screen should is large enough for you to see while you’re wearing the device, and allows you to stay in a comfortable position while measuring, helping to ensure accuracy.

Home monitoring is especially important if you have slightly elevated blood pressure (prehypertension) or another condition that could contribute to high blood pressure, such as diabetes or kidney problems. When a reading displays, it is extremely important that the individual knows how to properly decipher it. Dr. Our model is also equipped with a backlit screen for even more desirability, as these luminous screens allow you to easily check your blood pressure well into the evening. Blood pressure displays in terms of systolic and diastolic pressure.

We actively explores the use of digital technology in the treatment of hypertension, studying the effects of lifestyle coaching and home monitoring on patient outcomes. It is generally agreed that the accuracy of home monitors has improved vastly over the years, making them comparable to professional units. Systolic pressure is when the heart is contracting, and the diastolic pressure is the pressure between individual heartbeats. Various studies have confirmed this. The systolic pressure displays over the diastolic pressure, and the numbers help an individual determine if there is a problem.
In addition, monitoring at home can reduce or eliminate “white coat hypertension” – inflated readings due to tension felt in a medical clinic – essentially making them sometimes more accurate.

Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor Vs Manual

The cuff style monitor has a large Velcro strap with an inflatable balloon inside it, that connects to an electric pump with a display mounted on it. The cuff style monitor has a large Velcro strap with an inflatable balloon inside it, that connects to an electric pump with a display mounted on it. What’s a clinician to do? Office manual blood pressure (BP) monitoring is fraught with problems, including variable BP measuring skills among healthcare workers, “white-coat hypertension,” and digit preference (readings ending in “0”). In this trial, Canadian investigators randomized 67 primary care practices to use either ongoing manual office BP monitoring (control) or automated office BP monitoring using the BpTRU device (intervention; after the BpTRU cuff is positioned properly, the patient is left alone, and the device automatically takes five BP readings and displays an average). Awake ambulatory BP monitoring was the gold standard. The balloon inflates to a specific pressure and reads your BP from the brachial artery on the inside of your arm located in between your bicep and triceps muscles.

  • The balloon inflates to a specific pressure and reads your BP from the brachial artery on the inside of your arm located in between your bicep and triceps muscles.You may have also seen aneroid cuff style monitors, with a manual rubber bulb pump used to inflate the cuff when visiting your doctor or other health professional.
  • Debates about clinical trials, patient populations, and statistical analyses can seem hollow and distant when looking at an anxious patient in an exam room.
  • An automatic blood pressure machine is the most commonly used home blood pressure monitor because of its ease of use.
  • You may have also seen aneroid cuff style monitors, with a manual rubber bulb pump used to inflate the cuff when visiting your doctor or other health professional.
  • While these devices are no more or less accurate, if used properly, it takes medical training and/or extensive instruction to use one, and thus it’s not recommended anyone uses this type of BP monitor on themselves.
  • At that moment, all that matters is what’s best for your patient.

A fully automatic machine features a cuff that will inflate and deflate 100% automatically, all you have to do is press a button to start the process. While these devices are no more or less accurate, if used properly, it takes medical training and/or extensive instruction to use one, and thus it’s not recommended anyone uses this type of BP monitor on themselves. In compliant, otherwise healthy, primary care patients with systolic hypertension, introduction of automated office blood pressure into routine primary care significantly reduced the white coat response compared with the ongoing use of manual office blood pressure measurement. Yet clinically relevant data, and more importantly, rigorous discussion of that data, is the means to the end.

digital blood pressure monitor UKA semi-automatic machine will need to be inflated with a hand pump but will deflate automatically. At the appropriate times, paramedics obtained readings and recorded results. The quality and accuracy of automated office blood pressure in relation to the awake ambulatory blood pressure was also significantly better when compared with manual office blood pressure. Professional clinicians quite often need the former in order to effectively deliver the latter. Fully automatic blood pressure machines are more popular than their semi-automatic brothers.

The readings were taken within two minutes of each other in order to maintain a mean consistency with minimal variance. To wit, two similar journal articles were recently published that arrived at two very different conclusions. Another great feature that makes automatic blood pressure machines popular is that they do the ‘listening’ for you. If a reading was done in a stationary position, the second reading was also done while stationary, and conversely, when it was taken in a moving vehicle, to maintain consistency with ambient noise interference, movement and physiological changes. Most people use an automatic monitor to measure their blood pressure at home.

The stethoscope is built into the cuff and is programmed to take the reading for you, so there is no need for ear pieces. A total of 194 readings where obtained. These are also called electronic or digital monitors. When the cuff has finished deflating the reading will be conveniently recorded for you on a digital screen. They have a microphone to detect blood pulsing in the artery. The cuff wraps around your upper arm. It automatically inflates when you press the start button.

Top Blood Pressure Monitors in UK

There are numerous blood pressure monitors available in UK, but not all monitors are good. You need to be careful while selection this machine. A faulty blood pressure monitor may give you incorrect readings and may cause more harm. So make sure you buy the best BPM in UK. Here are some of the top Blood pressure machines.

Omron 10 Series Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
omron blood pressure monitor UKOmron 10 Series Blood pressure monitors are one of the top selling and most recommended home-based devices. 10 Series have following models: Omron BP786N, BP786, BP785N, BP785 and BP791IT. Has an irregular heartbeat detector. You might have heard many people complaining about the accuracy of the home-based digital blood pressure monitor. It is essential to know the instructions on how to use an Omron blood pressure machine. Out of these BP786N and BP785N are new, rest are discontinued. Has a BP risk category indicator. The primary reason is the fitting of the cuff. It is vital to get accurate readings. Overall, these monitors are accurate and easy to use, thus are excellent choices. Allows multiple users to store readings separately.

If the cuff size is not appropriate, i.e., it is loose or too tight or not placed properly, then the readings will be unreliable. Omron makes sure that you have the equipment correctly fitted before use because there is a light or sign telling you that it is attached correctly. Includes two cuff sizes or a one-size-fits-most cuff. Omron has gone an extra mile to rectify cuff size issue. It is also important that your posture is correct when taking such readings. <br/ >Has a large digit display. For example, position your hand of the bp device on the other elbow when using a wrist monitor. Can download memory. Once again full details and diagram instructions are provided with their equipment. Data averaging function. They make blood pressure readings simple and you will quickly incorporate these into your weekly routine. Excellent for accuracy. Very Good for comfort. Directions for how to use on cuff.

1byone Upper Arm Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
1byone has devoted itself to producing an easy-to-use, very accurate blood pressure monitor. You don’t have to worry about straining your eyes and looking at the readings this device will give you. Panasonic presents us with an accurate, well built, comfortable, easy to use, and inexpensive device. August 15, 20161byone Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Easy-to-Read Backlit LCD, One Size Fits All Cuff1byonedownloadEasy-to-use solution for measuring blood pressure and pulse both at home and on the go. This blood pressure monitor has a large, backlit LED screen so everyone, especially the old, can easily use it from the convenience of home.

The storage capacity in this device is also able to save up to 120 readings. It is also the first portable arm unit in the industry. The user is presented with easy-to-read results on the backlit LCD screen, along with any warnings for potential hypertension or irregular heart beat.2 users can save their most recent 60 results each for later viewing, a great feature for users needing to track their blood pressure. Dual Power Supplies – Use the AC power adapter while at home and the 4 AAA batteries for on-the-go portability.This monitor can manage and save up to 60 sets of data so you can easily track your readings and improve your health and quality of life. Two people can use this device and each individual can save up to 60 blood pressure readings for future use.

This device prevents arm discomfort that is usually associated with inflatable cuffs by listening to your blood pressure on the way up to completely remove any undue discomfort. All of the readings also have a date and time stamp for further convenience. It comes with a memory function for up to 90 readings, however, these are not date and time stamped. The cuff is well suited for people with both smaller and larger arms.

Care Touch Fully Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
For those with limited vision or who simply relate better to things they hear, the LifeSource UA-1030T talking blood pressure monitor speaks directions, results and an irregular heartbeat alert in a loud, clear voice. If you decide to monitor your blood pressure at home, you will need to get a home blood pressure monitor. A calm, clear voice explains exactly what to do, actively adapting instructions to keep you on track. The blue LCD is LED backlit, buttons that are touch sensitive and a slider switch that makes user selection much easier. It can be set to English, French or Spanish, stores up to 90 date- and time-stamped readings, has an optional data averaging function, and can be set so it doesn’t squeeze your arm unnecessarily hard while taking readings.

But there’s a wide range available, so how do you know which is best? Intelligent sensors assess and automatically deliver the right therapy, at the right time ‐ personalized to every man, woman, or child. You can store up to 120 readings in this unit which means you can check several people’s blood pressure and store the numbers. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist when you’re choosing a monitor, as they’ll be able to help you select the best model for you. It will also detect an irregular heartbeat to make sure you’re aware of it and trying to do something about it with your doctor. Opt for a monitor that measures your blood pressure at your upper arm rather than at your wrist or finger in order to get the most accurate results. It fits arms up to 16.5” and comes with a user manual and carry bag.