Thanks and welcome to my Website.

My name is Mark, This is my website. I hold nothing whatsoever against talented amateurs with a true passion for the art of photography, and I applaud anyone who can dedicate themselves to becoming a real photographic artist for their own pleasure and sense of fulfillment and i want it so badly! now photography is not just my hobby anymore now its becoming to my profession.

I am currently rounding out my fourth and final year of medical school, and will graduate with an MD in May, 2011. I blog because I love it. When on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, I seek out the profile of the individual or brand. I will start a family medicine residency in July, 2011. If you don’t love it, move along. I want to know, who is behind this brand, product or service. I have been pagan for the past 4-5 years, but I have only been practicing magick for about the past year.

I’m a husband and fathre of 3. What do they say about themselves? I am still growing spiritually and magickally. If you are here for recipes, craft ideas, Pinterest posts, and photos of exotic vacations with my 3 cherubs posed ever so cutely, you’ve come to wrong place. Do I feel that I should let them sneak into my life and busy world? Move along. But I can promise you some chuckles, maybe even some belly laughs, hopefully a few sympathetic sighs, a definitely a self esteem boost. If that’s up you’re alley, you’ve come to the right place. Read on good citizens!